A mix of my books from this year

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A mix of my books from this year

Post  NP88 on Tue May 17, 2011 10:15 pm

Read these recently and would recommend them:

Intelligent investor - Benjamin Graham (seminal and very informative)
How I made $2 million on the stock Market - Nicolas Darvas (makes you appreciate the benefit of a solid system and not letting emotions take over)
Dummies guide to candlestick charting (great place to start with something that can often be seen as a lot to take in)
The big short - Michael Lewis (very interesting and relevant read. Also I found it quite inspiring and made me want to 'think outside the box' with my trading)
Liars poker - Michael Lewis (very interesting, been said to be thhe handbook for many starter investment bankers)
Hot Commodities - Jim Rogers (the guy is a commodity legend, he's full of knowledge)
Buffet beyond value - Prem Jain (some important tips and lessons on investing for long time horizons)
The Financial Spreadbetting Handbook - Malcolm Pryor (The spread betting genius. This book is a brilliant guide)

I'm sure there are more I've forgotten, but the above books should keep you going for now if you haven't read them yet. I've got a few I'm reading at the moment as well as studying for CFA, so will maybe update this as I go along.

Any questions about any of the above, give me a shout!


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