Tigerbloodfx System Tutorial 26May2011

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Tigerbloodfx System Tutorial 26May2011

Post  katy_blue on Thu May 26, 2011 8:45 pm


Hi all,
Please find the modify version of today’s (26th May 2011) Tutorial kindly given by our TigerBloodFX.
Thank you Tiger for you generosity, knowledge and patience given.

If you are unable to open the file please feel free to contact me on twitter and I can email it to you. Thanks

Wishing you all the best
Sell/sold = Short = Bearish – Red line above Green line
Buy/bought = Long = Bullish – Green line above Red line

Download http://www.alpari.co.uk/en/promotion.html
Metatradeer4 (mt4) from broker Alpari or ODL, set up a free demo account

Tigerblood (TB) Template

Download the above Tigerblood Template file and save to desktop.

Now, you need to import the TB Template into the MT4 system.
To do this, Open C Drive go to program files open your mt4 folder look for template folder and paste the downloaded TB Template from the desktop in there.

Once you have downloaded successfully downloaded MT4 and TB Template open a 1min gold chart

To open charts
go to the market prices right click on gold (shown as XAUUSD) open a chart.
- You might need to right click and select view all to find it.

Now that the chart has been loaded it right click on chart
select templates / load template then find the file u downloaded (TB Template)

Adding indicators to chart
Click “Insert” top left of platform
select insert - indicators - oscillators – stock stochastic oscillator
5-3 3 setting is standard and fine

Chart view in action
so it is 2 things a target for shorts and also a place you may buy

TBFX 11:23 The 2 moving average lines green and red the lines are the support and resistance. It provides the target for entry of shorts and longs
Basically, the 2 moving averages are support if price is above and resistance if price is below
this applies for any time frame (1min to weekly)

TBFX 11:26 Now looking at the 1min gold chart
Ensure both green and red lines are showing on your chart if not zoom out on chart till u can

11:27 if price between lines means sideways moves I will explain just want to make sure you all got that we use the to moving averages for support and resistance

TBFX 11:29 ok so we see now resistance for gold is the green then the red we can see that green line is under the red. This gives us the price direction for that time frame so on 1m we see
green under red line means we have Bearish so Short
If green was above red would be Bullish so Long
The green is always easy to break the red is harder you can find targets support resistance just by moving up the time frame

11:39 if you scalp in the main you spend your life on the 1m charts or 5m charts if your a little slow. If long term works same on daily Smile it works on what ever time frame u like but if scalping 1min is best
- always try to take longs or shorts of the red line till you get good then you can do same of the green

TBFX 11:44 ok guys please go to 5m chart u will see that I sent signal at 1530 to short gold you see it came down dipped under the red line moved up touched red line I then shorted again and just closed all at 1519
Tycoon Trader 11:48 I see that how'd you know 1530 was top?

TBFX 11:49 no 1530 top was based on gut feeling this is why I said will explain later

Muneesh 11:49 so are you saying that you go into the trade when there is a crossover?

TBFX 11:49 if u were on 5m chart you would see reverse candle at that price and it fell but when I gave the target that candle was not live as I gave it a day ago
11:50 no this is not a cross ma system that does not work. The cross is only info for us if price is long or short over all on the time frame you choose to trade

TBFX 11:50 don’t worry u don’t need them so much with this system. Just doji and hammer candles is all u need understand

TBFX 11:51 ok we see on 1m gold price moving up see it hits green line now

TBFX 11:52 u have seen me call trades on twitter maybe a day or even a week before they happen it is all the same system

Muneesh 11:52 so if its hits the green will you go short?

TBFX 11:52 now gold can test the red line remember red is harder to pass green is not so hard but u will see as if by luck price gets stuck on the green line as it tests the price red is best place to short
It’s safer we use the green line to see how hard it is for price to get past it
If it finds it hard we know the red will hold

TBFX 11:57 ok see when price hit green line -see stoc was at the top (above 80)

TBFX 11:58 ok we took short at green because at time stoc was at top showing gold over bought so we knew resistance would hold on the green and did not need to wait for red
- just the 2 lines of stoc were at top curling over a little

TBFX 11:59 if it was not there we would wait for red line and if stoc was near top get in then instead

Muneesh 12:01 so to summaries....use 200 and 60 sma, as long as the candles are below the sma go short...and when the candles hit the 60 and the stock is over bought go for short
TBFX 12:01 yes that’s correct in short Smile
- ok so say price got to red line on 1m and stoc was still near bottom and you know price will break the red line u need to find next entry point. How we do this is go up time frame till we find next resistance point
-so if u go to 5m chart see the red and green
-we do same wait till price hits green or red and stoc is top
- so if red line breaks on 1m we wait for red line on 5 at 1525 ish

TBFX 12:06 go to daily chart, u see the green and red lines? - Hoover mouse over end of the green line. what price it give u - TBFX 12:07 - 1469.xx Smile

TBFX 12:09 green line on daily is the short target - all depends on the time frame u wish to trade

TBFX 12:09 this is the only system you can use for every thing in the world that’s traded ft gold uj corn oil and works on all time frames

TBFX 12:11 ok guys I made a call to long uj this morning go to uj chart 1 hr see were I got it from
- check the red line under price. u will see the red line is short target and also buying point

Tycoon Trader 12:12 81.614
TBFX 12:12 perfect u have short target and also resistance point to look to long Smile

XAGUSD – Silver Charts
go to daily silver chart guys 12:13 look were green line is

Flaganatas 12:14 green just touching live price

TBFX 12:14 now if thats not best entry point u ever seen im a sheep

TBFX 12:15 ok does this system work longer term? go to eurusd weekly - see were shorts bounced at and were we bought by the way Smile

TBFX 12:19 ok thats the basics I hope I explained and made chart simple for you now practice practice

TBFX 12:21 now u know were gold is heading Smile and can also find entry and exit support and resistance. stick to rules and u can do 1200 trades in a row without loss which is my record Smile

TBFX 12:25 if u see green and red trying to touch or CROSS - KEEP OUT wait move up charts find next entry point Please remember the cross rule its important - one moves all moves only difference is amount they move


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Big Thanks, but

Post  truegrittrader on Fri May 27, 2011 12:03 am

Hi KB, a really big thankyou for putting these notes together.

Looks like the TB Template link is missing, could you update the link please?

Cheers TGT

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Tigers system

Post  Flaganatas on Fri May 27, 2011 5:24 pm

Hey guys,

I was on Skype for this lesson, and it made sense to me during the lesson, however afterwards in practise I found it confusing. I don't think anyone has been consistently successful with this system except Tiger. His success rate is phenomenal and I'm hoping he'll give another workshop. But I'm wondering if anyone is making progress with it and maybe if they could give me some pointers.


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I have been trying to digest it and still trying

Post  truegrittrader on Mon May 30, 2011 11:22 pm

Hi there, I have been following through the notes but finding the time of the chat don't quite appear to correspond with the chart for the first example so far for the Gold.

I plan to persevere and will see if I can't get my head round this.

should get there by the end of the week. he says.

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Re: Tigerbloodfx System Tutorial 26May2011

Post  Slidey on Wed Jun 08, 2011 10:03 pm

so paraphrasing as/into a set of rules:

first the chart - take 1m gold charts (XAUUSD), add 2 MA lines - 60 (green) and 200 (red).

add a 5-3-3 stochastic chart

next rules:

if green under red, market is bearish (eg 60 day average lower than 200 day)
if red under green, market is bullish

if current price is below MA's, we're looking at shorts, with the MA as the resistance

if stoch is at top (above 80) then its overbought and you can use green as a short signal. if stoch isnt quite there, you should wait to hit the 200MA (red) line.

if stoch is bottom 20, and we're near the MA values, then there's a good chance the price will go through the MA.

when this happens TB recommends 'zooming out' time ranges and finding the next resistance on there, and going short where stoch is back in the top 80

as far as i can see he didnt do the opposite, but i dont think you'd call me a genius if i said you can pretty much reverse * to work out when to go long..

further rule - if 60 and 200 MA's are crossing, stay out.

what did i miss?


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Re: Tigerbloodfx System Tutorial 26May2011

Post  Slidey on Thu Jun 16, 2011 8:07 pm

ig advanced charts

create a new proscreener, click creation by programming, selection - predefined list - currencies, selection period whatever you like

add the following into the programming box, and hit validate. the new window comes up, and keeps updating as different currencies hit the criteria. the only thing i havent added is price criteria in comparison to the moving averages. if you'd rather work on the 200 line rather than 60, change c3 to 'c3 = (Close < ma200)'

once it finds one hit the graph window and change it to match your requirements (mine has price and stoch on it, 100 units, 1 minute updates)

found it interesting as it keeps updating and bringing new ones up as they hit the criteria

any other rules i should add?

stoch1 = Stochastic[5,3](close)

c1 = (stoch1 > 80)

ma60 = Average[60](close)
ma200 = Average[200](close)

c2 = (ma60 < ma200)

c3 = (Close < ma60)

SCREENER[c1 AND c2 AND c3](stoch1)


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Re: Tigerbloodfx System Tutorial 26May2011

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