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Research sites

Post  khy6 on Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:55 pm

This lists is from sharebuddies, its a list made by one of the members on their

hart Forums/blogs
--------------------- ADVFN (for chartists)

Broker Views
-------------- (also great reserach site!),0212

Research sites

(resource stocks)

(oil and gas)

-------- (check your dividends)

Market Makers/ Level 2/ Manipulation? (surely not!)

Improve your trading?
------------------------ (by nick proffitt!) (YOU NEED THIS!!!) (ANY PDF YOU WANT!..YOU NEED THIS!)

Now for the technical traders and chartists

Technical websites
------------------- and Gas&Typ=S (great site!)

Chart patterns
---------------- (great work!) (top!) (he's the man..great books!) site)

Candlestick patterns
--------------------- (click on each one)

Chart Indicators
------------------ (click on box) (great on link)

And finally some "witty banter" for when you want to convey a message?
(bull, bear, dead cat bounce, directions, admit defeat, crash, got it wrong etc...sometimes a picture paints a thousand words!) (deflated...not mine I swear)


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Re: Research sites

Post  NP88 on Mon Mar 07, 2011 7:52 pm

Really appreciate your effort in posting these, very helpful!


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